Demetra-Holding reached an all-time high in grain transshipment, shipment and transportation in Q1 2024

Demetra-Holding reached an all-time high in all areas of activities in Q1 2024. Demetra-Holding terminals significantly increased transshipment volumes. Shipments from in-house elevators reached an all-time high with record-breaking volumes of grain transported by rail and road using the proprietary digital platform.

March became a peak month for Demetra-Holding terminals.

In Q1 2024, 1.8 million tons of cargo were processed at NGT and 1.3 million tons were processed at TGTC with the year-on-year growth at 6% and 13%, respectively.

Demetra-Holding elevators also managed to achieve high performance. Total shipments from in-house elevators increased by 56% compared to Q1 2023 and amounted to 280.9 thousand tons.

  • IKHP (Ipatovskiy Grain Processing Plant) (Stavropol region) and Oktyabrskiy elevator (Volgograd region) took the lead in domestic shipments with 119 thousand tons and 82.4 thousand tons, respectively, showing a 38% year-on-year increase at IKHP and a 12% year-on-year increase at Oktyabrskiy elevator.
  • Shipments at Dimitrovgradskiy elevator (Ulyanovsk region) reached 45.2 thousand tons showing a six-fold growth against Q1 2023 with total shipments of 7.2 thousand tons.
  • Chernyshkovskiy elevator (Volgograd region) shipped 34.3 thousand tons of grain compared to 5.5 thousand tons in 2023 showing a six-fold growth.

Record-breaking 3 million tons of grain were transported by rail towards the export terminals, which is up on last year by 6%, with 580 route shipments of 1.4 million tons of grain in total. Almost 800 thousand tons of crops were transported by road using Smartseeds platform, which is up on Q1 2023 by 21%.