Purchasing and exporting grain to international markets

Developing sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with grain producers: farmers and buyers in key countries for Russian grain

Grain transportation

The company's logistics segment is divided into grain transportation and port transshipment. The company's key strategic objectives in logistics are to improve efficiency throughout the supply chain, create integrated supply chains and regional grain elevator hubs, and introduce digital platforms

Grain cargo transshipment for export

One of Demetra-Holding's competitive advantages is its presence in all elements of the deep-water export and logistics infrastructure, which allows for the export of grain throughout the season. The company plans to increase port transshipment capacity, as well as to expand access rail and road infrastructure to port terminals in Novorossiysk and Taman

Developing and digitising the grain market in the Russian Federation

The company is actively implementing projects to digitise and optimise the agro-industrial sector by relying on modern technology. One of Demetra-Holding's key development areas is digitisation aimed at improving customer services. At the same time, Demetra-Holding is developing digital solutions for both large farmers and medium and small farms. Wheat deliverable futures on the MICEX and a marketplace project for agricultural producers and all industry players are launched

Corporate governance

General Meeting of Members

Board of Directors

Sole Executive Body (CEO)

Company investors



Granum JSC


Marathon Group


Board of directors

Vitaly Sergeychuk

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Demetra-Holding LLC
CEO of Afina LLC
Deputy Head of the Department for Relations with Customers in Market Sectors, Senior Vice President of VTB Bank (PJSC)

Taimuraz Bolloyev

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Industrial Assets JSC

Pavel Puzakov

Managing Director for Economics and Finance of Marathon Group

Vitaly Buzoverya

Head of the Credit Department, Senior Vice President of VTB Bank (PJSC)

Yuri Soloviev

First Deputy President and Chairman of the Management Board of VTB Bank (PJSC)

Konstantin Zasov

Non-Executive Director

Svetlana Fedorenko

CFO of VTB Capital JSC

Oleg Pankratov

CEO of VTB Infrastructure Holding LLC

Alexei Yakovitsky

CEO of VTB Capital JSC


Sergey Emdin

Chief Executive Officer

Alexey Gribanov

First Deputy CEO

Alex Genin

Chief Financial Officer

Ilya Aliyev

Sales Director

Andrey Mikheev

Legal Director

Dmitry Sadkov

IT Director

Alexander Krivosheev

Director of GR

Olesya Gromenko

Director of Risk Management

Dmitry Linge

HR Director

Business geography