Demetra-Holding acquires more than 75% of Smartseeds Group of Companies

Demetra-Holding LLC closed the deal to acquire a 75.01% stake in the Smartseeds group of companies (SmartContract LLC and Smart Grains LLC).

The acquisition of a controlling stake in the Smartseeds Group is in line with Demetra-Holding's digital transformation strategy to enhance transparency in the grain transportation market and create modern and user-friendly digital services in the grain business.

Partnering with the VTB Group, the company plans to develop new formats and technological infrastructure for the grain market, which could then pave the way for a broader range of advanced digital freight products.

'Digitalisation of the grain business is one of the important trends in the industry, with the level of technology and digitisation of companies directly affecting competitiveness. The new digital service tools enable farmers to improve the efficiency of their business processes, reduce operating costs and minimise risks, while grain transport owners can save resources and time on the delivery of agricultural products. Improving technology platforms and developing innovative digital solutions will be a priority part of the company's business strategy', said Vitaly Sergeychuk, CEO of Demetra-Holding.

Smartseeds operates as a 'Grain market's Uber' and can be used to book shipments, schedule unloading times at grain terminals and track the movement of cargo. The platform ensures transparent pricing, provides customers with quality transport, and handles the entire transport cycle: cargo insurance, all payments, accounting and electronic document management.

To date, about 8,000 carriers are registered in the Smartseeds system. The company provides the leading digital platform for grain transportation in Russia.