Smartseeds offers turnkey grain transportation by trucks

Smartseeds digital logistics platform (part of Demetra-Holding) has launched a comprehensive freight forwarding service for grain and other agricultural products transportation by trucks. The service has already transported more than 175,000 tons of grain.

Now the platform has a separate order type with the freight forwarding service. After placing an order, Smartseeds not only selects the necessary transport and organizes transportation, but also provides the services of a freight forwarder. An experienced employee from the platform provides control of loading, execution of shipping documents, phytosanitary control and issuance of quarantine certificates for transported grain. Thus, the customer doesn’t need to involve his own staff, which is often lacking during active transportation. Moreover, the comprehensive service allows you to flexibly manage the need for freight forwarding services.

Anton Kondratov, Director of Smartseeds:

‘One of the key advantages of Smartseeds is the responsibility for the freight and its transportation that our platform takes over. This is our main difference from dispatchers and specialized message boards that are available online. After launching the freight forwarding service, Smartseeds platform took the next logical step – it took on the functions of an in-house manager who works on the customer’s side. The freight forwarding service allows companies to optimize the work of their logistics departments and allocate internal resources more efficiently: for other types of transportation, for filling out and checking documents, etc. Some major market players have already appreciated the advantages of a comprehensive service and now in principle don’t consider grain trucking without forwarding support.’

Now Smartseeds customers have access to a full package of services: transportation of crops during the harvest campaign (‘field-to-temporary storage’, ‘field-to-elevator’ and ‘field-to-temporary storage-to-elevator’ transportation), domestic and export transportation, as well as the freight forwarding service.