Rusagrotrans exported record high volume of grain during five months

Rusagrotrans (member of Demetra-Holding) transported 6.8 million tons of agricultural products by rail during the first five months of 2024.  Shipments to export port and land terminals hit a fresh all-time high and reached 4.8 million tons, which is 6% higher compared to the same period of last year (4.6 million tons). 

The core of 3.7 million tons was dispatched towards the Azov-Black Sea basin. An all-time high of almost 0.52 million tons was delivered to the Baltic Sea ports, including the Vysotskiy Port. Shipments to Kazakhstan and Central Asia increased by almost 40% year on year and amounted to 0.4 million tons.

Rusagrotrans continues to actively use the routing technology in transportation to export port and land terminals. In total, 32 000 car loads with a total volume of 2.3 million tons were carried out from January to May 2024. 

Domestic grain shipments also showed a positive trend and reached 0.94 million tons having increased by 21% compared to the period from January to May 2023, with more than a half traditionally shipped to consumers in the Central and Northwestern regions. Grain supplies to consumers in Siberia and the Far East also increased this year.