Novorossiysk Grain Terminal unloaded a record number of grain carriers in December

Novorossiysk Grain Terminal (NGT, part of Demetra-Holding) received 12,602 trucks with grain in December (335,655 tons in total), which is a record for the company. The record for the number of grain carriers received per day has also been updated – 632. For comparison, in December 2020, the number of unloaded trucks was almost half as many – 6,252. 

Vladislav Zhukov, General Director of NGT: 

'We managed to achieve such results thanks to three aspects. In the first half of 2021, trucks reception system was upgraded, which increased its productivity by 50%. By autumn, we had completed a large project of grain carriers automated reception, which helped to minimize the time spent by each truck on the territory of NGT. And in December, our customers, first of all Demetra-Trading, delivered the required amount of grain to the terminal by road.'

Further development of the terminal's infrastructure capacities will increase the volume of trucks reception by 1.5 million tons per year (150-200 trucks per day). 

The comprehensive program for the NGT development until 2025 provides for the terminal's road and rail infrastructure development, as well as the construction of a grain silo complex.