More than 30 agricultural producers of Stavropol region visit Ipatovsky Grain Processing Plant on Demetra-Holding Client’s day

Demetra-Holding Client’s day took place at Ipatovsky Grain Processing Plant, and it’s been attended by representatives of the regional agribusiness companies and Dmitry Frolko, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Stavropol Krai.

The main topic of the event was summing up the results of the current grain season in Stavropol Krai and plans for the next season.

Dmitry Frolko, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Stavropol Krai:

‘Last year Stavropol farmers harvested more than 9 million tons of grain, which made the region one of the top three grain producing regions of the country. This year’s grain carryover stocks before the new harvest are expected to be 30% more than the last year’s. I would like to note that annually more than a third of our grain harvest is exported to the CIS countries, as well as to Turkey, Egypt and the North African countries through the Black Sea ports. And today exporting companies continue to work actively with our agricultural producers on mutually beneficial terms. We are glad that such business meetings have a positive impact on direct contact of the region’s farmers with the leading exporters.’

Demetra-Holding companies hold client events in the regions of presence on a regular basis. This helps not only to strengthen business relations with partners and improve customer service, but also to establish an exchange of relevant information.

The companies of the holding provide logistics and grain storage services to agricultural producers in grain producing regions and help farmers to build an efficient sales and transportation process. All of these help to increase transparency and digitalization of the grain market – from farmers to end consumers all over the world.

Aleksey Kazennov, Director of Logistics Development and Elevator Management of Demetra-Holding:

‘The main objective of such events for us is to create trusting partnerships with our clients and to get feedback on the needs of Russian agricultural producers. Today we offer a wide range of services for Russian farmers – various financial instruments, advance payment for the future harvest, transportation by trucks from Smartseeds platform and rail logistics from Rusagrotrans, the largest agricultural cargo carrier. All of these will help domestic producers to increase operational efficiency and become more competitive.’

As a result of the event, the suppliers confirmed their intention to continue cooperation with Demetra-Holding in the new agricultural year, and the accreditation process for the new farms was launched.