Federal Agency for Rail Transport and Taman Rail Company LLC signed a Concession agreement for the railway employment construction in Taman

Federal Agency for Rail Transport (Roszheldor) and Taman Rail Company LLC, Demetra-Holding’s joint venture  and EFKO Group of Companies, signed a Concession Agreement on the railway infrastructure construction to deep-sea shipping terminals on the Taman Peninsula within the framework of the Transport Week.

The document was signed by Alexey Druzhinin, head of Roszheldor, and Alexey Gribanov, CEO of Demetra-Holding. The main terms of the agreement were approved by the Government of the Russian Federation in September 2023.

The concession agreement provides for the financing, design, construction and operation of public railway infrastructure from the main railway line adjacent to the Taman-Pasazhirskaya station to deep-sea shipping terminals for agricultural products on the Taman Peninsula. The agreement term is 50 years.

It is planned that by 2027, a railway infrastructure with a capacity of up to 7 million tons of grain, meal and vegetable oils per year will be built to  Demetra-Holding’s EFKO’s Group of Companies deep-sea shipping terminals in the Taman port. Agricultural cargo will be delivered from the central Russia regions and the Volga region.

Alexey Gribanov, CEO of Demetra-Holding:

«Our common aspiration is to develop and consolidate the export potential of the Russian agro-industrial complex and increase the domestic grain competitiveness in foreign markets. The assistance provided by the federal and regional authorities is a clear confirmation of the timeliness and necessity of the project for the development of railway employment in Taman. At the moment, agricultural goods are delivered to the Taman Grain Terminal Complex (TGTC) only by road. The railway appearance will increase the enterprise transshipment and relieve the highways. Also, the project implementation will help create new workplaces».

Alexey Druzhinin, head of Roszheldor:

«Today it is extremely important to ensure transport and logistics accessibility of Russian deep-sea shipping terminals. Thanks to the railway emergence, the port in Taman will continue its dynamic development. For our part, we support such important industry initiatives and will ensure the stable and safe operation of the railway transport infrastructure».