Demetra-Holding served as the title sponsor of the All-Russian Field Day exhibition

Demetra-Holding took part in the annual All-Russian Field Day agro-industrial exhibition, which was held in Mineralnye Vody during June 20-22. We managed to attract new grain suppliers, and presented new opportunities of the digital logistics platform for agriculture during the event. 

Demetra Trading and Smartseeds were represented at the exhibition tent under Demetra-Holding umbrella brand. 

Demetra Trading held meetings with agricultural producers from different Russian regions. Two services were presented to agricultural producers – advance payments on crops up to RUB 250 million and seasonal contracts, i.e. guaranteed sales of any grain volume at a transparent and reasonable price with deliveries according to a pre-agreed schedule. 

These options were highly appreciated by agricultural producers, and based on the results of the All-Russian Field Day the potential grain volume contracted by Demetra Trading exceeded 500 000 tons. 

Representatives of Smartseeds presented capabilities of the digital logistics platform for agriculture to attendees of the exhibition. For example, the electronic queue service helped to reduce by almost a third the average time spent by heavy trucks at terminals. Currently, an electronic waybill mechanism is being implemented to make business processes less complicated and grain transportation more transparent. The platform operates in full compliance with the legislation and the requirements of the Agribusiness Charter enabling direct communications between customers and carriers, and offers support to all market participants. Therefore, the number of users of Smartseeds digital platform is increasing on a yearly basis.