Oktyabrsky Elevator shipped a record volume of grain in 2022

Oktyabrsky Elevator (part of Demetra-Holding) shipped 201,000 tons of grain by rail in 2022. This is the highest volume among the grain elevators in Volgograd Region, which shipped a total of 1.46 million tons last year, and an all-time record in the company’s history.

Oktyabrsky Elevator set the previous record in 2020, when 105,000 tons of grain were shipped by rail. In total, the company shipped 208,000 tons of grain by rail from 2019 to 2021.

The growth in shipments became possible due to the development of the railway transportation routing program. From September to December 2022, a record number of grain routes were sent from Oktyabrsky Elevator – 28, and around 96,000 tons of grain were shipped, which is about half of the annual volume of all rail shipments from the company. This included a grain route to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The railway infrastructure has been upgraded and the length of rail lines has been tripled for the introduction of the new routes, which made it possible to make up route trains on the company’s approach lines.

Roman Ilchenko, CEO of Oktyabrsky Elevator:

‘The growing volumes of grain production are pushing us to look for more efficient ways to organize logistics and increase the speed of rail car turnover in order to best meet the predicted changes and challenges in the grain market. Increasing the volume of grain shipments for export through the holding’s own infrastructure contributes to achieving the ‘stack effect’ and makes it possible to improve operational efficiency at all stages of the export chain. The creation of regional hub grain elevators capable of buying and sending grain to the ports by route trains is becoming an important part of the entire integrated logistics chain.’

In 2023, Oktyabrsky Elevator plans to implement a project to upgrade the truck unloading facility, involving the construction of an additional line. This will increase the capacity of the truck unloading facility from 4,000 to 6,000 tons per day.