Novorossiysk Grain Terminal implements a system of grain trucks automated reception

Novorossiysk Grain Terminal (NGT, part of Demetra-Holding) has completed a project to improve grain reception from trucks, thanks to which the unloading time has been reduced by 30%. One of the stages of its implementation was the introduction of a queue management system for trucks, developed by the Smartseeds. 

The digital platform makes it possible to fully manage cargo traffic, predict terminal loading level and accumulate all information about cargo in a single window environment. Together with the launch of a special parking area for grain carriers near the terminal, this has significantly improved the traffic situation on urban highways.

Anton Kondratov, CEO of Smartseeds:

'The queue management system is an important step towards creating a digital corridor for agricultural transportation. The service can be flexibly and quickly integrated into any information system. It is a guarantee of comfortable car traffic for the region, and it is a tool for transparent and predictable fulfillment of business obligations for market participants.'

As part of a comprehensive project to improve grain automated reception, a system of automated vehicle access to the terminal was also introduced. It enters quantitative and qualitative characteristics of cargo into the accounting system.

Vladislav Zhukov, CEO of NGT: 

'The implementation of this project is an additional opportunity to plan the operation of the terminal, which helps to use its capacity as efficiently as possible. So far, NGT has become one of the few grain terminals in the country where cargo can be received by an electronic document, you only need to scan a QR code or an RFID tag at the entrance.'