NGT completes the dust suppression system upgrade

Novorossiysk Grain Terminal

Novorossiysk Grain Terminal (NGT, part of Demetra-Holding) has completed a project to upgrade its oil coating system to suppress dust during the production process.

As part of the project, new, more technologically advanced oil coating equipment was developed and installed on the bucket elevators that are involved in the process of transporting grain to silos and to the pier. This has increased the speed and the area of grain processing.

The dust suppression system upgrade has led to a significant reduction of dust in the entire technological process at the terminal which helps to store and transport the processed grain without dust for six months.

A complex dust collection and suppression system operates at all transshipment sites of NGT. The technology used provides for completely waste-free transportation of grain - the dust captured by the dust collection systems and the filters of the main equipment is returned to the production cycle.

Measures to upgrade the dust collection and suppression system are implemented as part of the terminal’s environmental policy to reduce its environmental impact. The company has already implemented separate collection of waste, and the project to upgrade the dust collection system at the trucks reception is at the final stage of implementation.

Vladislav Zhukov, CEO of NGT:

‘We strive to contribute to the development of Novorossiysk and take a responsible approach to doing business. Developing an environmental management system at production facilities allows reducing our environmental impact, improving labor productivity and creating a comfortable and safe work environment for our employees. The terminal implements best practices and technologies and operates in accordance with global standards. This is confirmed by the environmental management certificate according to ISO 14001:2015 which was obtained in 2022.’