Mirogroup Resources and August-Agro Management Company sign contracts to supply wheat

One of Russia's largest domestic grain exporters, Mirogroup Resources (part of Demetra-Holding) and August-Agro Management Company have signed a number of contracts for the supply of wheat, totalling over 5,000 tons. The companies plan to increase shipments and sign new contracts.

The first batch of wheat grown on August-Muslum fields will soon be delivered to the port, with shipments scheduled for early 2021. Priority destinations for wheat exports under this contract are the Middle East and Asia. Cargo from the producer's elevator to the destination port, as well as the grain transshipment, will be handled by the Demetra-Holding companies.

'Our company is interested in dealing directly with grain producers. We are currently expanding our presence and entering the Tatarstan market, concluding contracts with grain elevators to store grain in the region. Demetra-Holding's own logistics infrastructure allows us to increase the efficiency, transparency and speed of supply chain within Russia', said Ilya Aliyev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mirogroup Resources.

'The August-Agro companies supply quality products to the market, which are thoroughly controlled by laboratory tests and independent expert inspection. We use advanced agricultural technologies and rely on a strong scientific base. Due to substantial expansion of the land assets, we plan to increase the output of grain and oilseed crops', said Aidar Galyautdinov, General Director of August-Agro Management Company.