Government of the Oryol region and Demetra-Holding signed a Cooperation Agreement

Andrey Klychkov, Governor of the Oryol region, and Alexey Gribanov, CEO of Demetra-Holding, signed a Cooperation Agreement on the implementation of an investment project for the construction of a linear grain elevator within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

The agreement provides for the construction of Dishninsky Elevator with an one-time grain storage capacity of 60,000 tons in Zalegoshchensky district of the Oryol region by 2028.

The construction of a new grain elevator is part of Demetra-Holding's business strategy to create a single integrated transport and logistics chain. The development of its own network of grain elevators helps the company to increase grain storage capacity, as well as to create an infrastructure for grain routers.

Alexey Gribanov, CEO of Demetra-Holding:

'Oryol region is one of the most important grain-producing regions of the country with a great potential for crop growth. We see great opportunities in the further development of infrastructure in this area both for organization of transportation and storage of harvested crops. The construction of a modern grain elevator will allow creating a grain hub with the ability to form block trains. Today this is the most effective tool to deliver large volumes of crops for export transshipment, which certainly helps to strengthen the export potential of the Russian agro-industrial complex.'

Andrey Klychkov, Governor of the Oryol region:

'The construction of such a large-scale facility, including the creation of railway infrastructure necessary for the efficient operation of the grain elevator, increases the investment attractiveness of the region. As a result of the project implementation, the network of grain elevators will be expanded and logistics will be improved in the Oryol region, which will have a positive impact on the export potential of the region and the whole country. In addition, it is important to note the social aspect of the project implementation – the creation of new jobs.'