Demetra-Holding implements a digital platform to develop the network of its own grain elevators

Demetra-Holding and KORUS Consulting Group have completed a project to create a digital twin of a grain elevator facility. The project 'digitised' the country's elevator capacity market and created a model for determining optimal locations for building new grain elevators. Such a digital solution is unique not only in the Russian agro-industrial sector but also globally in the application of modern Supply Chain Design tools.

Demetra-Holding is consistently implementing the digital transformation of its business by increasing the transparency of logistics and creating modern services, including for developing a network of its own grain elevators. KORUS Consulting Group became the technological expert and partner for the project to model the grain supply chain.

'This project is a step towards improving the efficiency of agribusiness by using advanced digital technology. Modern elevators will not only create additional storage capacity but will also increase the share of rail route shipments. This will help us to plan trade and logistics partnerships more carefully in those regions of Russia where raw material purchases are of the greatest interest', said Vitaly Sergeychuk, CEO of Demetra-Holding.

'Digital twins provide an effective decision-making tool for large companies where supply chains play a major role. This technology helps to develop methods for distributing raw materials flows, analyse scenarios in case of changes in production and consumption forecasts, and estimate the potential turnover of infrastructure facilities in new locations, including on the horizon of several years', said Dmitry Krasilov, Head of the Supply Chain Design at KORUS Consulting Group.