Demetra Trading renovated Chernyshkovskiy and Dimitrovgradskiy elevators having increased their shipment capacity by 1.8 and 2.5 times, respectively

Demetra Trading (member of Demetra-Holding) completed renovation of railway tracks and construction of grain shipment facilities at Dimitrovgradskiy and Chernyshkovskiy elevators, which were acquired in autumn of 2023.

As a result, grain shipments by rail at Dimitrovgradskiy elevator increased by 1.75 times from 2 thousand to 3.5 thousand tons per day, at Chernyshkovskiy elevator – by 2.5 times from 1 thousand to 2.5 thousand tons per day.

Supplementary grain shipment facilities with built-in weighting scales for cars launched at each elevator enabled the company to improve operational performance. This technical solution is intended to optimize the shipment process while eliminating unnecessary rolling stock maneuvers.

The main production premises and process lines were also refurbished and re-equipped with retrofitted machinery.

Railway tracks at Dimitrovgradskiy elevator were renovated to create direct shipping routes of up to 54 cars. The introduction of routing technology enables to increase cargo volumes processed by elevators and reduces travel time almost twice.

Roman Kron, Managing Director of Demetra Trading: 

“The development of our own elevators contributes to strengthening our presence in key grain regions of the country, as we are able to provide complementary services and reasonable contractual terms and conditions to agricultural producers. Renovation, re-equipment and technology upgrades allow to improve throughput capacity of the logistics infrastructure of the Group as a whole.”