Demetra Trading exported a record volume of wheat in September

In September, Demetra Trading exported 750,000 tonnes of wheat, which is an absolute record for the company for all the time. Wheat was shipped from three terminals – Novorossiysk Grain Terminal, Novorossiysk Grain Processing Plant and Taman Grain Terminal Complex, to 16 vessels. The company's previous maximum monthly export volume was reached in December 2020 and amounted to 680,000 tonnes.

In total, according to the results of September, the Russian wheat export volume reached 4.46 million tonnes, which made Demetra Trading one of the top 2 companies exporting grain from Russia.

Roman Kron, CEO of Demetra Trading, noted:

'In September, Novorossiysk Grain Terminal was loaded with wheat only under our contracts, and we improved the business processes for autologistics in Taman as much as possible. We managed to quickly adjust to this season peculiarity, when wheat supplies by rail were reduced due to lower crop in the central part of Russia. We made up for this by buying grain in the southern regions, which significantly increased the volume of grain acceptance from trucks. In general, we managed to achieve strong sales growth due to the developing infrastructure, the vertical integration of our partners in the holding and grain export to new markets.'