Demetra-Holding sends its first unit train


Demetra-Holding sent its first direct unit train consisting of 47 cars with 3,400 tons of wheat. The cargo arrived from Ipatovsky Grain Processing Plant (hereinafter IGPP) at Novorossiysk Grain Terminal, the route operator was Rusagrotrans

The rail infrastructure of IGPP was upgraded in accordance with the requirements of JSC Russian Railways in order to prepare the route. In total, it is planned to form 8 unit trains by the end of September, the second unit train is currently being prepared for departure from IGPP.

Routing is the most effective way of cargo transportation, it allows reducing the delivery time and increasing the turnover of cars, which, as a result, provides economic benefits. 


Sergey Emdin, CEO of Demetra-Holding:

'Increasing the share of Russian grain in world markets requires the rapid development of export logistics infrastructure that can support agricultural producers. It is necessary to transform this sector into a high-tech segment of the economy in order to achieve this goal. One of the key challenges is the grain transportation market development, including business digitalization, and the introduction of a grain cargo transportation system by unit trains.'  


Alexey Gribanov, President of the RTC Group:

'Ipatovsky Grain Processing Plant will transport over 30,000 tons of grain by rail in one month. This has become possible due to routing technology. The launch of one such project makes it possible to reduce traffic congestion by 100 trucks per day. Not only farmers will see the effect of the routing introduction.'

The development of grain shipments by unit trains is part of the company's business strategy. According to the results of the last year, the volume of transportation by Rusagrotrans direct unit trains increased from 257,000 tons to 1.1 million tons, this figure is comparable to 10% of all export grain shipments in the 2020/21 season.