Demetra-Holding acquires Oktyabrsky Elevator

Demetra-Holding has completed the acquisition of Oktyabrsky Elevator located in the southwest of the Volgograd region. The creation of its own network of grain elevators is part of the company's strategy, which will help to develop rail transportation of grain for export and cooperation with agricultural producers in the region.

Oktyabrsky Elevator, with a one-time storage capacity of 133,000 tonnes, provides services for the acceptance, cleaning, storage and shipment of grain. The company has a developed infrastructure, including its own railway tracks with a length of more than 1.8 km for the formation of unit trains. The elevator's production facilities allow unloading up to 4,000 tonnes of grain from trucks and loading up to 3,000 tonnes of grain to rail transport per day. Up to 600,000 tonnes of wheat are grown in the coverage area of the elevator per year, this is the largest grain transshipment enterprise in the region within a radius of 100 km.


Sergey Emdin, CEO of Demetra-Holding:

'We are aimed at further development of the export-oriented logistics chain of the company, grain elevator capacities of the holding will increase operational efficiency due to high-quality service for grain acceptance and storage, the development of grain shipments by unit trains and the reduction of transportation time. The expansion of the company's presence in the key grain producing regions contributes to the development of our trade and logistics partnerships, this, in turn, will help agricultural producers to become more competitive on the international markets, and thereby strengthen the export potential of the domestic agricultural sector.'